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(2022 Update):


How does PersonalityHQ work ?

Personality Mapping Personality Mapping

Your personality through 5 Majors Traits, 6 Career Orientation and 16 basic score.

Scientific Test Science-Based

Test results are based on scientific research in Psychometry.

Quiz Advanced Reports

Get multiple Personality Reports with this user friendly online test.

Applications of the Personality HQ test

Know yourself Know Yourself

Become an expert on you, and get a bigger impact on your life.

Work an Career Test Career Development

Use personality traits for your professional orientation.

Relation Improvement Relationship

Improve relationships through a better awareness of your personality.

Personality reports

The Detailed Personality HQ

Detailed Results

The personalized graph and an easy to read presentation of the low and the high score of each factors.
The detailed factors are used as a base for all the other reports below.

The Combined Personality Traits (Premium)

5 Personality graphs

The most used by scientists personality report, generated from all your detailed personality traits

New Scoring, new graphs and personalized reports in the 2022 edition.

The 2022 Career Orientation (Premium)

Career Graphs

Know which Career Orientations fit your Personality.
Correlated from work of Goldberg, Holland and more...

The 2022 Preferences Reports (Premium)

Career Graphs

Get your preferred manner to solve problems.
Know your preference to work with other or alone.
Understand your leadership preference

The Adjustment Indices (Premium & Lite soon)

Career Graphs

Use the scoring info of your adjustments index
To know how adaptable your are when challenge arise
From Work adaptability to Emotional and Stress

Frequently asked questions

How reliable is the test ?

By the short time it take to complete the test (around 10 to 20 minutes)... And all the reports it can generate (4 and soon more)... We try to create the most advanced psychometrics test.

Is it a paid test ?

At the end of the test, you can buy the career, leadership, and advanced personality report.
The detailed graph is accessible for free.

How do you use the data ?

We use the data of PersonalityHQ to improve the test and the report.
We doesn't sell or rent your information to a third party.

Is it helpful to share the graph ?

There is no good or bad personality types. By sharing your graph you allow your friends and relative one to better understand you. This can lead to improve your relationships.
For some privacy reasons only your graph is shareable, not your answers.

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