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Your Personality Test Factors
(2024 update )


How does PersonalityHQ work ?

Personality Mapping

Your personality through 7 New Patterns, 5 Majors Traits, 6 Career Orientations, and 16 Basic Scores.


The online assessments and results are based on the latest psychometric research.

Advanced Reports

Get multiple personality reports on your strengths, work preferences, and leadership.

Applications of PersonalityHQ Reports

The Combined Personality Traits

The personality report most studied by scientists, generated from all your detailed personality traits. With new Scoring, new Graphs and custom Reports in the 2024 edition.

The 2024 Career Orientation

R/doC/or I/thE/peS/hlA/crIdeasDataThingsPeopleSociabilityConformity

Know which Career Orientations fit your Personality. Correlated to work of top psychometrics researches from Goldberg, Holland...

The 2024 Preferences Reports

How does your personality influence how your solve problems? And learn more about your capacity to work in a team and your leadership preference.

FlexibilityOrganisedInfluence SeekingSocial Abilitycoping abilityResilienceSupportAbstract ThinkingPracticalityDecisiveReasoning StyleWorking with otherAutonomyLeadership orientation0102030405060708090

The Adjustment Indices

474756565959505046465050Self EsteemEmotional AdaptabilitySocial AdaptabilityWork AdaptabilityEmpathy Creativity Adjustment

How adaptable your are when challenges arise ? Learn more about your adaptability to Emotional and Stress.

The Factors of Personality
(lite & premium)

The personalized graph and an easy to read presentation of the low and the high score of each factors. The detailed factors are used as a base for all the other reports below.


Frequently asked questions

How do you use the data ?
We use the data of PersonalityHQ to improve the test and the report. We don't sell or rent your information to a third party.
Is it a paid test ?
At the end of the test, you can buy the advanced personality reports. The basic graph is accessible for free.
How reliable is the test ?
We are committed to creating the most advanced psychometric test. With already high reliability in "Big Five", and the Personality adjustment and factors results. The Assessment is regularly improved, to make it the best possible compared to the time it takes to complete it.
Is it helpful to share the graph ?
There are no good or bad personality types. By sharing your graph, you allow your friends and relatives to understand you better. For privacy reasons, only your graph is shareable, not your answers.

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